Interview of Jason Chan

Meeting Jason Chan communication officer for Fondacio Asia 

Fondacio France brings you good news!

Living together because we are all brothers!

All Brothers : The Church and Politics

Can the Church intervene in the political field? The question comes up regularly in debates.

Conferences : a new cycle - Actors of change

As a replacement for its Festival, which cannot take place due to Covid, Fondacio offers a programme of conferences a

Meeting Marianne de Boisredon, Fondacio France

France : Three questions to Marianne de Boisredon, Head of Fondacio in France by the

Worship School with Fondacio in Angers

This worship school is being launched tonight October 7, at l'Esvière Center in Angers, in order to teach young peopl

Fondacio celebrates 40 years of presence in Chile

This year Fondacio celebrates 40 years of presence in Chile.