Sichem-Sime : a 100% local market

"What gives a special cachet to the SICHEM market is the quality of the products on offer. ", Dzamah Antoine

EcoTips by Reciclo : use of water at home

😷🧼 During this period of mandatory lockdown, we must constantly wash our hands to prevent the spread of the coronavir

L'Ermitage is committed to Man and the Earth

A place of welcome, transformation and action, for an interior, relational, environmental and spiritual ecology, L'Er

Eco-Tips by Reciclo : eco-performance

💫 What is eco-performance?

IFF Africa : Inauguration of the girls' dormitory

We cannot talk about agricultural entrepreneurship without mentioning IFF Africa (Institute of Formation Fondacio Afr

The Social Centre of L'Ermitage Accueil 

Since 1999, Fondacio has been based at the Ermitage Centre to promote spirituality, but above all to provide training

Artemisia : Meeting with Jean-Valentin Haba

Conakry, Guinea: The plant artemisia annua has been the subject of much attention since this Asian native plant was i