Fondacio: serving humanity & helping to safeguard our common home

At Fondacio, our vocation is to help each person dare to move forward with others on a path of Life to build a more h

Los Almendros : giving a new home to trees

11 trees that were in danger of being cut down due to the expansion of the new El Salto Norte Avenue, were finally re

Ecology : "committing ourselves to mankind and Earth."

Integral Ecology in debate: "committing ourselves to mankind and to the Earth."

The new CoLive 2021 Journey has started

The new CoLive Journey was launched on Saturday 5 June!

Ecofooting: Committed to clean up the city

Ecofooting : In Cotonou (Benin), young Catholics and Protestants were collecting plastic waste, 

Fondacio Chile : Global climate action day

Fondacio Chile : After the successful day of action for the climate, held on March 11, AIEC published a video summary

Biocoop Versailles supports L' Ermitage 's project

Moral and financial local support is welcome to support l' Ermitage's projects !