Supporting La Ressourcerie des Biscottes

It is necessary to support la Ressourcerie des Biscottes at Les Ponts de Cé ! Presented by François Prouteau
Carte blanche from François Prouteau, President of Fondacio !

Because of the pandemic, this company is in great difficulty. It must be supported because it opens a future for many people and new very concrete perspectives in the way of living a truly fraternal company.

This associative company fights unemployment through the employment of employees in integration. This fight is the social object that mobilizes all efforts and all flows of money.
52 people are in the process of integration. For them, La Ressourcerie is a training company: "zero-skill" hiring and in-house training on the basis of temporary employment contracts. The challenge: to bounce back to a more sustainable training or job.
La Ressourcerie is an activity at the heart of the Circular and Collaborative Economy: In order to develop an economic model that enables employment, La Ressourcerie des Biscottes collects and recycles bulky household or professional items (furniture, crockery, knick-knacks, toys, books, textiles, etc.). This reuse activity contributes to extend the useful life of the products and thus to reduce waste production. In normal times, the Ressourcerie collects more than 20 tons of various objects per week.
The two confinement periods have just dried up the cash flow. The Vendée Globe of its director Benoit Akaoui is a three-month race against the clock to regain a healthy cash flow, through sales, but also through the collection of donations. The Resource Center must be saved. There is a need for help and encouragement. The objective is to raise 1 month's cash flow, i.e. 145 k€, through an appeal for financial donations with a tax deduction. Local authorities are also being asked to help. The 3rd lever is the setting online of a virtual store that must be visited. A few friends had organized, last Friday, an animation of this store on Facebook: wonderful event!
In this time of crisis accentuated by Covid, the opening to globalization in which markets and companies are immersed, can certainly reduce distances. But it does not make us brothers. The Pope insists on the urgency of fraternity: "More than ever we find ourselves alone in this mass world which makes individual interests prevail and weakens the communitarian dimension of existence. Rather, there are markets where people play the role of consumers or spectators" (All Brothers, § 12). The call in this Christmas season is to be responsible actors and consumers. This is what we often want, but without knowing how to act. Helping companies such as La Ressourcerie is a concrete way to do this in Angers, on our doorstep.

To support la ressourcerie des biscottes, you can make an online donation (tax deductible for the year 2020 for a donation made before December 31st) or buy items on the online store.