Testimony of Caroline student at IFF Europe

A very recent testimony of Caroline, a student of IFF Europe👩🎓, at the end of her year within the D.U OPEN (it is her who appears on the photo below, taken during her solidarity mission in a solidarity grocery store in Le Mans):

"Today, as the OPEN year comes to an end, I have more confidence in myself and in what I undertake, even if self-confidence is acquired throughout one's life. (...)

After this year, I feel much more like an adult, a woman. I've never made so many decisions for my personal and professional life, it's impressive! It has given me more impetus to continue on this path of trust, discovery and openness to the world. I feel like I've grown up, feeling my heart much more open, fresh and rebuilt.

Now I know that I want to have a life in simplicity and have a job that I love, while balancing the two. I never thought I would live such intense, rich moments and such a beautiful year, surrounded by beautiful people with real human values. I would like to thank the trainers for their investment and their listening but also each person of this OPEN promotion without whom this year would not have been the same. Not for a moment would I have thought that I would live such moments. This year will remain engraved in my heart and in my memory forever. "

Caroline, OPEN class 2019-2020.