ANGE : The street project

The streets of Lomé in Togo reveal a large number of abandoned children to themselves.
IFF Africa : Inauguration of the girls' dormitory

We cannot talk about agricultural entrepreneurship without mentioning IFF Africa (Institute of Formation Fondacio Afr

Fasting for Climate with Fondacio Togo

Fasting for Climate : Almost two years ago, the Fond

First training course on the agroecological production of Artemisia

A first in Togo : The first training course on the agroecological production of artemisia in Dapaong, the capital of

Ecojogging and Masks in the streets in Togo

Born in Lomé in January 2017, ecojogging is a worldwide eco-citizen movement that consists of running while collectin

IFF Africa "a talent developer" for a more Humane and Just World

Placed under the theme of "Vocational training of young people, particularly girls in agricultural entrepreneursh

A second life for "Pure water Bags" in Togo

In West Africa, so-called "pure water" bags are used on a daily basis for the distribution of drinking water at an af