Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021

The 2021 Christian Unity week's theme is:  "Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit”.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021 will take place from 18 to 25 January 2021.

The theme chosen, "“Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit", expresses the vocation of prayer, reconciliation and unity in the Church and the human family of this religious community. It also indicates the mission of every Christian. This year, more than ever, this week invites us to dialogue, to fraternity and to say that Christ is calling us!

We are each invited to participate in the week of prayer for the UNITY of Christians from 18 to 25 January 2021, to meditate and deepen the meaning of the word in John 15. The week has been prepared by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp (Switzerland).

What will be happening during this week? 

Individually or in groups, everyone can raise awareness of ecumenism in their networks and / or join existing local initiatives to initiate an evening in their region: in a house, a reception area or by Zoom...

Communication material is available for download to help in the organisation of any action and in particular an advice sheet for the organisation of an ecumenical celebration => click to see the french communication kit

What is the meaning of this week of prayer for Christian unity?

The theme of this new week is a chance and a joy to open ourselves to the presence of Christ. How can the words "Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit” (Cf. 15:5-9) help us to remain in the house of the Father, confined in Christ and thus avoid all other physical or spiritual confinements? Even though this year it is not easy to gather to pray in person, the proposal is there to create all kinds of opportunities to connect in some way with all Christians around the world to say together how Christ brings us together.

Actions in the regions of France

Throughout the Ile de France region, Fondacio is invited to either participate or initiate small collaborations with other Christians.

Paris : https://www.paris.catholique.fr/celebration-regionale-pour-l-unite-54325.html

 the Christian Unity Magazine

This magazine allows you to : √ to better understand current theological rapprochements

√ nourish your prayer for Christian unity

√ discover places where Christians of all denominations work together

To order the french special issue "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021" of October 2020 (N° 200) - at the price of 12€.

The beneficiaries of the offerings 2021

Each year, the Council of Christian Churches in France [CÉCEF], which brings together leaders from all the church families, makes a proposal of the recipients for the offerings collected during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Organisers of ecumenical celebrations remain free to make another choice according to local needs of which they are aware, or to send the donations to an organisation they regularly support.

In 2021, the CCCE recommends that the offerings collected during the celebrations should contribute :
- support the schooling of children in Lebanon
- to assist Armenian refugees displaced as a result of the conflict in the Caucasus.
- to support the AORB in its work of reworking the ecumenical translation of the Bible.

To find out how you can support these actions, click HERE.