Who we are

Who we are

Fondacio is an international movement, on mission in around twenty countries, to act in the service of humanity.

Aware of the world's challenges and eager to make a spirituality of friendship based on the Gospel shine in it, 3000 people regularly participate in the activities offered by Fondacio and many of them are sent on a mission to lead projects for different audiences: young people, couples and families, leaders in society, elders, and the poor and marginalised people.

Every year, over 100 000 people participate in activities proposed by Fondacio: training sessions, educational programs, meetings promoting listening and sharing, spiritual retreats open to all or social outreach projects.

Such experiences open new perspectives for their lives, strengthen their relationships, give meaning to their personal commitment and to their actions in society.

By building a more humane and just world, Fondacio believes that a way of unity between several individuals, from all walks of life and all ages, but also between people from different religious confessions, is possible. Focusing on meeting the other person, its everyday life becomes ecumenical. Fondacio is recognised by the Catholic Church (canonical statutes) and works closely with the Orthodox and Protestant churches.

The vocation of Fondacio

In the name of the living God, Fondacio said to everyone, "Rise up and become yourself with and for others. "Leading with joy in a path of transformation and service, we are resolutely committed together as agents of change to find solutions to the challenges of our time. As a leaven of hope, we seek to serve humanity and contribute to care for our common home."